Book-it!: An Interactive Reading Board Game

Motivating students to read can be a stressful process. As I prepared for the 2015-2016 school year, I contemplated on ways to motivate my students to want to read.

I came up with the idea of Book-it! which would become an interactive board game that students could literally play on the whiteboard.

I needed materials first:

  • Something magnetic (whiteboard or sheets of magnet)
  • Magnetic labels
  • Circles (board game pieces)
  • Stickers for START/FINISH signs
  • Tape
  • Baskets for game pieces and reading bubbles
How students will play:
  1. Students will read a book.
  2. Students will complete a reading bubble for the book that they finished.
  3. Students will put their name on a magnet and move their game piece.
  4. The first student to reach the end WINS!
The book bubbles give me a better idea about whether the student actually read the book. Sure, they can cheat, and this game will be on the honor-code system, but I'm optimistic.

Originally, I was going to cut magnet strips and make labels, but then I found these amazing dry-erase labels from Teacher Created Resources at Jo-Ann Fabrics. A set of 30 was only $9.99, and I had a 40% coupon. Score!

I used my Cricut to cut out 7-inch circles for the game pieces.

Then, I arranged my board game on my whiteboard. I called the game Book-it! because students will have to "book it" to the end by reading books! :) As you can see, students will move their game pieces accordingly. The pennants are from Target's dollar spot, and the little black magnetic cubbies for the magnets and book bubbles are from Dollar Tree.

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