Project Menu: Differentiated Expression

As the end of the marking period started to approach, I thought to myself, "How can my students demonstrate their understanding in something other than an end of the unit essay or exam?"

I have seen menu approaches before, and I thought, why not try it this year? The students will choose which topic and which approach they would like to use to prove  their understanding of a major concept we covered. 

I'm anticipating that some students will ask which is the easiest option, but I made sure that all of the items to choose from are relative in difficulty. I'm also going to encourage students to pick other types as well to really bring out their creativity.

I can't wait to see their responses and projects! Have you tried this approach before? How did it work for you and your students? I'd love to hear!


  1. Although I have not tried this approach before, I'd love to hear how it worked out for other people. If any of them have been successful, I'll try them out myself.