New Semester, New Rules!

For many of us, the start of a new semester means the start of new classes. New classes, content, and students can be great. I have year-long classes, so I wondered how it would go if I tried to introduce new expectations midway through the year. Well, I did, and you should too!

The three images on my door were three PowerPoint slides that I reviewed prior to the start of class. They saw the large "Positive Vibes Only" as soon as they walked into the room. After that, we reviewed the new expectations, inspired by the Ron Clark Academy, some of which were "If someone does something well, we will recognize and congratulate that person" and ""We will high-five when you walk in and when you leave." As I've mentioned in other posts, I teach 9th grade, so their initial reactions were confused looks and "Whaaaaaat?", BUT I received a high-five from all 70 of my students, and it was awesome. Some even want a secret handshake!

We tested out the Positive Vibes Only throughout the rest of the lesson. We reviewed some awards for achievements from the last marking period, and we all held each other accountable. They kept repeating, "Positive vibes only!" Even later in the day when I saw them, they would say the little phrase.

I am excited to continue using the Positive Vibes Only method going forward and especially the high-fives. I was hesitant about using it, but now there's no looking back!

Do you high-five your students, or have you come up with any new strategies to try in the new term?

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  1. Firstly good luck to all the students for the fresh semister and i really liked how you have put those positive vibes around them so it can be a reminder for them all the time.