Questions and Answers on the Desk!

I've seen a lot of posts on Instagram of teachers writing on student desks. I love the idea, and let me just say that it was actually FUN to write on their desks with an Expo marker!

I wish that I could leave little individualized notes/compliments to the students, but I have five back-to-back classes, and I don't do assigned seating, so that strategy wouldn't really work well in my classroom.

I decided to instead write review questions on their desks and leave a post-it for them to write down the answer.

There's a few ways to approach this: 

1) Write on every desk to hold each student accountable. This is time-consuming to write all the questions, but every student will have a question to answer. You could then have the students play some musical chairs to find a new seat and answer the next question/determine if the answer that the previous person wrote is correct.

2) Write on one per group or every few desks and put a few post-its on the desk for multiple answers. Allow the students to discuss the question and answer(s), and then have them move to the next group.

3) Give students a few post-its each and have them answer a few questions on the desks. Make it a little competition: Who can get rid of their post-its the fastest by correctly answering five different desk questions?

They are bound to hit/touch/smear the writing. In that case, just have them write it again, come up with new questions, or rewrite them yourself if you're OCD like me. :)

What will you do? Comment below or let me know on Instagram!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I love all of your ideas. I am excited to use it for a PD tomorrow and for my students next health class!



    1. Thanks, Janelle!! I love what you did with it for PD! :)