Filing Cabinet Organization

I think we all have that filing cabinet with the endless amount of file folders and the random, misplaced task cards and matching cards, and as much as we try to organize it, it's better left closed.

Here is what my filing cabinet looked like before:

The obvious problems: there are no clear indicators of where one unit begins and ends, all of the files are the same color, and I'll be honest: most of the time, I do not put the folders back in the right spot.

The solution that I came up with: I will color-code my units and resources. For example, all of my Romeo and Juliet (including short stories that I use) will be coded pink. So, I used PowerPoint to create some strips (the font is called Sweet Pea), and then I printed and laminated them. I made sure to test this out on white paper first to make sure that my filing cabinet still closed without the papers hitting the top.

After I laminated the strips, I simply taped them to the inside of a green folder. Not only are these much larger than the little plastic things that come with hanging folders, I also like that I can use different colors and my own fonts. If you want to grab these editable labels, check them out here: Editable Filing Cabinet Labels/Strips.

Then, I organized my manila folders into their green folders, and this is the end result:

 I am so pleased with how these turned out! I can't wait to use blue for The Freedom Writers Diary and green for my writing unit, and so on. How do you organize your filing cabinet? What has worked well for you?

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  1. Great idea and I love the font! :)

    1. Thank you!!! I love it too. I use it for everything!

  2. So great!! Do you know the approximate size you made the new labels? I love this idea!!

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  4. wonderful and useful idea! Thanks

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