Sunday, January 8, 2017

Free Romeo and Juliet Resources

Hello my fellow Romeo and Juliet teachers. Teaching Shakespeare in general can be so powerful and unique for our students. I have been posting some ideas on my Instagram lately, and many people have been requesting some of the specific resources that I've posted, so I thought I would put together a little post of some of the most recent ones. Use one or use all, or simply be inspired to create your own versions.

These are the prologue cards that I used with a matching activity. I printed the sets on different colored paper, and then the students had to match up the original with the translated version.

Click here for the original cards and here for the translated versions. I was inspired by this resource, and I used their translated version for the translated cards.

I created a wedding program for Romeo and Juliet's wedding, and you can download that here. If you want it to look the exact same, the fonts that I used are Sweet Pea, KG Arrows, KG Always A Good Time, and PB Coffee Before Talkie.

If you are interested in more interactive activities for Romeo and Juliet, check out my bundle on Teachers Pay Teachers. It has over 55 PowerPoint slides, 20 handouts, a review game, a complete funeral activity for the deaths of the characters, and more.