Free Romeo and Juliet Resources

Hello my fellow Romeo and Juliet teachers. Teaching Shakespeare in general can be so powerful and unique for our students. I have been posting some ideas on my Instagram lately, and many people have been requesting some of the specific resources that I've posted, so I thought I would put together a little post of some of the most recent ones. Use one or use all, or simply be inspired to create your own versions. You can access the Google Drive folder here.

These are the prologue cards that I used with a matching activity. I printed the sets on different colored paper, and then the students had to match up the original with the translated version. I was inspired by this resource, and I used their translated version for the translated cards.

I created a wedding program for Romeo and Juliet's wedding. If you want it to look the exact same, the fonts that I used are Sweet Pea, KG Arrows, KG Always A Good Time, and PB Coffee Before Talkie.

I also created a save the date that I gave the students a few days before the big event. The fonts that I used are Sweet Pea, KG WhY YoU GoTtA Be So MeAn, PB Coffee Before Talkie, and PBCoffeeMakesMeSmile. 

Finally, we have the Romeo and Juliet timeline. It worked WONDERS for my students, and I am totally going to use this every year going forward. It became such a visual resource for my students to reference throughout the play. For the poster, just play around in Adobe PDF and choose how large you want to print it. Then, just cut the papers and tape them together. I laminated mine as well. I frequently referenced this resource to help me plot out my timeline.


  1. Did you find the Coffee before Talkie font for free?

    1. No. I bought it as part of a package from A Perfect Blend Teaching.

  2. What font did you use for the prologue cards? I would love to make other sets for the other sonnets in the play!

  3. The view at this place was amazing. This event was in the evening so it’s really a site to see when the sun sets. Just beautiful NYC wedding venues! If you are planning your wedding here, don't worry too much about how to make it look even more beautiful.

  4. Do you have an answer key to the timeline?